Meeting notes

The Waterways Management Company was handed over from the developer to the property owners in November 2006.  Since then, the Company has kept notes and minutes of meetings and other important documents about the Company and the Waterways.  Some of these can be accessed here and we will look to make more available over time. 
General Meetings

Most General Meetings are held annually: at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members of the Company are invited to attend these meetings. They are an opportunity to hear about how the Company is doing, to learn about what has been done on behalf of all Members and what is planned for the future, and to participate in appointing Directors to run the Company on behalf of all the Members.
You can access minutes from the AGMs, via the link below. You can also access the draft minutes from the last AGM, as approved for publication by the Management Committee. The minutes remain draft until they can be formally approved at the next AGM.
Annual General Meeting no 14 2nd November 2021

The last (14th) Annual General Meeting of the Waterways Management Company was held on 2nd November 2021. We have changed the timing of the meeting from May to autumn after concern was expressed that a spring meeting left too long a gap after the annual accounts to be received   This was an opportunity for members of the company to learn from the Annual Repoort (see link to files at the bottom of the page) what the Management Committee had been doing on their behalf.  It was also an opportunity to get involved in deciding who represents the members and to influence key decisions. The formal meeting was followed by a Question and Answer session where attendees could raise quesations and express views. 

Could you be one of our directors?

If you care about the Waterways and want it to be a great place for everyone, if you enjoy taking responsibility and getting things done, are a good team player, (and perhaps a leader), and can spare a few hours a month, then there are opportunities to get involved as a director of the Management Company.

The work of the Company is overseen by a team of up to 14 directors (the Management Committee). There are always opportunities to contribute to the work of the Management Committee, either as a director or supporting the Committee.

The principal task of the directors is to oversee the work of the managing agents, FirstPort. FirstPort handle the day to day management of the Waterways, in accordance with the management agreement and the instructions we give them. The directors review and scrutinise FirstPort's work. FirstPort work closely and positively with the directors, to deliver what we want. If members have a problem with the service provided by FirstPort then they can bring that to the Management Committee, so the directors can investigate.

The directors strive to ensure everything works properly, that members are getting good value for money and that everyone enjoys living here.

No qualifications or specialist knowledge are necessary to become a director. Should you have previous experience of a management company or experience in a relevant specialist area then we would be particularly interested to hear from you.

Everyone who wholly owns property on the Waterways (freehold houses or leasehold apartments) is a member of the Waterways Management Company and could become a director.

If you want to know more about what is involved then we would like to hear from you. You can find further details about what we do from the minutes, which you can access via the link below. Alternatively, you are welcome to email the Chair of the Management Committee direct at, or you can contact them via FirstPort Property Management at
The Management Committee

Those members of the Company who have been made Directors sit on this committee. This is the principal committee of the Company, to which other sub-committees report.
You can access minutes from the meetings of the Management Committee, via the link below. Minutes from the last meeting are draft until approval at the following meeting and are marked as Draft. Minutes for meetings from previous years are held in an archive folder.

Having trouble seeing the documents?

If you experience problems gaining access to the documents via the links below, for example if you are directed to a Google 'log in' page that asks you for a Google username and password, then please report this to us at, and we shall seek to correct the problem.
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This page was last updated on 15th November 2021 
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