Rubbish collection

Rubbish collections This is information we gathered from the Waste and Recycling services page.

Recycling and refuse are collected on alternate weeks, with food caddy collections made every week.

Important update on paint: unfortunately Redbridge will no longer accept paint. If you are unable to dispose of it to friends or neighbours try RePaint on 07960661748. Orinoco will also take your old paint and garden tools and make use of them in the community. Check opening times. Drop of at Bullingdon Community Centre, Peat Moors (off the Slade), Headington. Tel: 01865 761113

Failing that, add sawdust, sand or soil to the paint, leave the lid off until the paint goes solid and dry and double wrap it before placing in your bin.

Old CDs and DVDs can be disposed of at the marked collection box at the entrance to the local school - Phil and Jim.

Emmaus Oxford will collect second-hand furniture from your door and reuse it in the community. Tel: 01865 763698 Email:

What goes into which container?


Green box

YES please

NO thank you
glass bottles broken or sheet glass
glass jars plastic bags
newspapers cards and cardboard
magazines envelopes
white office paper coloured office paper
  food/drink tins/cans
  junk mail
  food/drink cartons (Tetra-pak)

Blue box

YES please NO thank you
plastic drinks bottles polystyrene
plastic milk bottles clingfilm
plastic shampoo bottles plastic food trays
plastic cleaning products bottles sandwich packaging
plastic bottle tops plastic carrier bags
  margarine tubs
  yogurt pots
  ice cream containers
  plant pots and trays
  plastic toys/gadgets
  bubble wrap
  glass of any kind
aluminium drinks cans food-soiled foil items
aluminium foil metal lids from glass jars
metal food tins metal bottle tops
any kind of clean cardboard Tetra-pak cartons
any kind of greetings cards  
any cardboard labels  
toilet roll inner tubes  
junk mail kitchen paper (even clean)
brochures tissues (even clean)
wrapping paper jiffy bags
art paper (pencil or pen) art project paper (painted)
coloured office paper glued collage projects
directories (inc Yellow Pages)  
any envelopes (inc windows)  

Garden waste bag

YES please NO thank you
grass cuttings cardboard
hedge trimmings plastic of any kind
garden prunings food/drink cartons
leaves plant pots and trays
small shrubs timber/logs
plants and weeds metal
cut flowers soil/stones/hardcore

branches no larger than 7.5cm (3") in diameter

all kitchen food waste
  household waste
  pet waste
  glass of any kind