About the Waterways

Waterways Residents Association (WRA). Open to all residents in the development. Our aim is to encourage a sense of community through organising events and representing your views and concerns to the council and other bodies where it is important for your views to be heard. The WRA is a body recognised by OCHA and the committee is comprised of private and OCHA residents.

The Waterways Management Committee (WMC). Represents the interests of the owners of private property who are shareholders in the Waterways Management Company and liaises with contractors responsible for the maintenance of the site.

Most of the time the estate will be managed to your statisfaction but sometimes you may feel the managing agents are not being as helpful as they could. In this instance please follow the complaints procedure.

Oxford Citizens Housing Association (OCHA) Represents the interests of those living in social, affordable and over 50s housing on the development and arranges for the upkeep of these areas.
Whether you want to pass on a compliment or make a complaint, OCHA has its own procedures for residents to follow.

We also publish a hard copy newsletter called Waterways World which is sponsored by local businesses. Previous editions can be found below.

Autumn 2010 edition Part 1

Autumn 2010 edition Part 2

Summer 2010 edition

Spring 2010 edition