Waterways Residents Association (WRA)

The Waterways Residents Association (WRA) represents all 500+ households who live in the neighbourhood, whether owner occupiers, tenants or Greensquare shared owners. The Association formed a Community Interest Company (CIC) specifically to lease and manage the day-to-day operation of the Community room - now also known as Room 51. The WRA CIC also publishes regular Waterways newsletters, maintains the website at www.thewaterways.co.uk and organises several community events each year. All members are volunteers. If you share our commitment to the community and could help us improve or expand our activities we would love to hear from you.

We meet regularly to discuss issues raised by local residents and to liaise with the Waterways Management Company and Oxford City Council over matters of common concern. Current hot topics include: community facilities and public art on the development, parking restrictions on Frenchay Road and the provision of a notice board.

How to join the WRA

Everyone on the development is automatically a member. We currently do not charge a membership fee. If you would like to raise an issue that affects everyone on the development please contact the Chair or Secretary from the 'Who is involved' list below.

We hold an Annual General Meeting during one of our events each year and welcome new volunteers at any time.

Who is involved

The volunteers who help organise WRA events and run the Community Room come from every part of the Waterways. Click on the links to learn more about some of the people who are involved.

WRA Chair – Richard Dorey

WRA Treasurer – Alex Stremme

Community Room 51 manager - Claus Spoerel

WRA Waterways World Newsletter Editor 

WRA CIC Secretary - Wendy Stone

Photography – Adrian Olsen

Member at large - Donna Lipsky

Member at large - Raquel Stremme

Events team   Sharon Grisbrooke, Diane Wilson, Kathy Mumby-Croft                               

GreenSquare Representative
WRA Membership Secretary – currently vacant